we strive to bring a sense of comfort in the pursuit of our common goals


we ensure that those who we work with are proven performers.


we do not go into any deal without a plan to execute successfully


your needs are our needs and we take full responsibility for them.

About us

ARGO TRANSLOP is Russia base company, We act as a one stop shop whereby if you have us ,you have the market in your hands as we deal in many varieties of goods and services, We do our best make sure the customer get their 100% satisfaction, We are able to provide you with all types of cooking oil,

vegetable oil and crude oil, if you are also in the markets of scrap we have a whole lot to do as we stand a better chance of supplying you with Scrap, such as Aluminum scrap, copper scrap, Used rails,HMS,Aluminum ingot, and other iron and steel scraps which you can think and mention by yourself.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality goods and services to our buyers with a prime motive of making purchase very easier and less stressful to the buyer as they come in the market to source for the best, not living out building a long term business relationship.

Our Belief

We believe that having a one place stock where buyers can find almost everything they need in the market will give them less work in the field of spending lot time to search, therefore if you have us you have what you want as you only need to exploit the advantages.


What We Do

AT ARGO TRANSLOP, Our primary focus is in the production and sale of high quality products. Some of which are been highlighted below.