ARGO TRANSLOP is Russia base company, We act as a one stop shop whereby if you have us ,you have the market in your hands as we deal in many varieties of goods and services, We do our best make sure the customer get their 100% satisfaction, We are able to provide you with all types of cooking oil, vegetable oil and crude oil, if you are also in the markets of scrap we have a whole lot to do as we stand a better chance of supplying you with Scrap, such as Aluminum scrap, copper scrap, Used rails,HMS,Aluminum ingot, and other iron and steel scraps which you can think and mention by yourself. We also have a better chance of supplying with copy paper, waste paper and related items, we are also not living out Energy products such as wood pellet, charcoal, we also have a good relationship with top Russian refineries to supply you with a whole lot of petroleum products.

The keys for success of the company are:

• To satisfy and deliver products beyond customer expectations !
• Never compromising with the quality of the products..
• Provide on-time delivery of products.
• Providing competitive prices to make it easy for the customers to afford the products..
• Fulfilling our duties towards our community as well as our employees so that they can feel proud and happy to be a part of ARGO TRANSLOP